New Brunswick Practical Experience Requirements


The CMA practical experience evaluation process gives candidates the opportunity to demonstrate how they satisfy the competencies expected for professional management accountants in the workplace.  The process included submission of an initial practical experience report which is assessed by the Practical Experience Evaluation and Review Committee, comprised of seasoned CMAs.

Those candidates who demonstrate they are functioning at a Competency Stage 2 are required to submit only one more practical experience report at the end of the Strategic Leadership Program.  Those who are not functioning at the required level will be assigned a CMA mentor, a seasoned CMA who will work with the candidate over a 12-18 month period to further assess the practical work experience of the candidate and dialogue with his/her employer to work toward obtaining the require practical experience.  When the candidate achieves the required experience, the mentor will then provide the PEER Committee with a recommendation that the experience be approved.

For candidates, the mentoring program offers the opportunity to discuss work issues with an experienced CMA and to place what is being learned in an applied context. For mentors, this program allows them the ability to connect with aspiring CMAs who will be tomorrow’s business leaders.




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